Dossier Rosa Luxemburg and the German Revolution

The German Revolution of 1918–19 put an end to World War I and the German monarchy. It brought forth a republic, but also deepened the split in the workers’ movement. Rosa Luxemburg, one of the Revolution’s paramount leaders, was murdered together with her comrade Karl Liebknecht on 15 January 1919. In marking the 100th anniversary

The Red Rose

24th October 2017 Graphic novelist Kate Evans talks about the biography of Rosa Luxemburg she has drawn. The book was launched by the Sao Paulo office in October 2017. (Video in English and Portuguese).

Rosa, one of us

November 2014 Rosa Luxemburg did not consider herself to be a feminist. So why is it worth spending time on her thought in a feminist debate? In her presentation, Pilar Uriona weaves the connection between feminism and democracy, and examines the conceptual contributions that Luxemburg’s thought offers to feminist debates.  She presents the central ideas

The letters of Rosa Luxemburg

14th January 2013 Acclaimed actress Kathleen Chalfant performs a selection of Rosa Luxemburg’s letters at the official opening of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung New York Office, November 2012.