Going Beyond Development

Reflecting on the experiences that countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, or Venezuela have gone through over the years, several questions come to the forefront: What does it mean to live well in different contexts? How do we want to relate to the global system and the North-South divisions of work? What hegemonic viewpoints do we have to tear apart? With the objective of discussing possible responses to these questions, in early 2011, a Permanent Working Group Beyond Development was formed for the Andean Regional Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.​



Rosa in the German Revolution

On 8 November 1918, Rosa Luxemburg received her notice of release from the prison in Breslau (today Wroclaw). Sixty eight days remained to her before she would be murdered by German officers on 15 January 1919. For the 100th anniversary of her murder, our main office in Berlin has prepared a online timeline chronicles her life in the Revolution. 

Rosa Luxemburg

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