Rosa Luxemburg's work and Literature

In this segment we have compiled texts about Rosa Luxemburg that have been published or recommended by our offices around the world. These publications include documents written by Rosa Luxemburg herself, as well as literature, thoughts, and analyses that have been produced based on her philosophy.

Rosa Luxemburg’s ethical feminism

July 2018
Source: RLF New York

By Drucilla Cornell.

In this essay, Drucilla Cornell discusses the relevance of Rosa Luxemburg’s socialist feminism for our times. Presented as a keynote address at the annual conference of the International Rosa Luxemburg Society in Chicago earlier this year, Cornell makes the case that Luxemburg’s take on feminism was not just about “gender trouble.” Rather, she situated gendered inequalities within a broader context of imperial and colonial domination and recognized—decades before the framework of intersectionality was first introduced into feminist theory—how gendered, racial, and class exploitation are intrinsically linked. In this text, Cornell argues that if we are to take Luxemburg’s feminism seriously, emancipation and liberation can only be achieved by following a new practice of being human—one that is at once gentle and principled.

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Rosa Remix

The RLS New York office held a conference at the New School and co-hosted with Verso Books to which they invited a mixture of academics, journalists, and activists to discuss Rosa Luxemburg’s theoretical work and how it may contribute to current discussions taking place on the Left. The contributions of our invited speakers turn into a book. Rosa Remix is the result. It covers a wide range of subjects, starting with Rosa’s life, finishing with her legacy, and in between grappling with issues like climate justice, feminism, graphic novels, or protest movements.

The book also includes drawings from a recent graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg’s life, plus contributions from its editor and artist/author.

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The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg

Acclaimed actress Kathleen Chalfant performs a selection of Rosa Luxemburg’s letters at the official opening of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung New York Office, November 2012.

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The Red Rose


Graphic novelist Kate Evans talks about the biography of Rosa Luxemburg she has drawn. The book was launched by the Sao Paulo office in October 2017. (Video in English and Portuguese).