Selected food for thought about Latin America. That’s what we intend to offer you here every month. We are trawling the web for a selection of texts we think are particularly worth reading: in-depth analysis, research summaries and opinions you might not find in the mainstream media news.

Recommended Key Voices in Confronting the Current Capitalist Crisis

November 2018 In Latin America, it is more than obvious that we are going through a stage of ultra-capitalism or predatory capitalism. Limits are being pushed today that used to be unthinkable, like exploiting the last confines of nature, or an accelerated delegitimization of the set of human rights that we had once thought to

Who’s afraid of Feminism?

A look at “gender ideology” and other sexual monstrosities in Ecuador and Latin America. By Cristina Vega.* Is “gender ideology” the new specter spreading throughout Latin America?