Rosa, one of us

November 2014

Rosa Luxemburg did not consider herself to be a feminist. So why is it worth spending time on her thought in a feminist debate? In her presentation, Pilar Uriona weaves the connection between feminism and democracy, and examines the conceptual contributions that Luxemburg’s thought offers to feminist debates.  She presents the central ideas of this socialist, democratic and revolutionary woman in her views on democracy, freedom, violence, autonomy, organization and consciousness, and connects them to womens’ demands and the growing context of violence and femicides dominant in today’s Bolivia.

Pilar Uriona’s text was discussed in the meeting ‘Rosa, One of Us’ – the thoughts of 40 women and feminists on Rosa Luxemburg’s thought and political action – held in November 20th and 21st2014, in La Paz, Bolivia.

  Read the full Pilar Uriona’s text