Providing insights into Latin American reality

27th November, 2018

Welcome to our new English website.

Why have we created a English language website on Latin America?

On our Spanish website we provide information, in depth analyses and views from and about Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela – the countries served by our Andean Region office in Quito. The aim is to bring debates and opinions from various left perspectives to Latin America.  

With our English website the goal is to flow in the opposite direction: offering English speaking audiences a left perspective on the social changes taking place Latin America, with special emphasis on the Andean Region,.

On the page you will find analyses, research, text and audio visual materials. All produced by social leaders, activists, academics, or researchers committed to an emancipatory transformation of the world, and to fighting all types of domination: colonialism, patriarchy, classism, and the exploitation of nature amongst others.

We hope you enjoy the materials and find the page useful in understanding the world we are living in today here in Latin America.