The RLF in the Andean Region

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF) began its work in the Andean Region in 2009, with projects in Bolivia and Ecuador. In 2010, the regional office was opened in Quito, where efforts are coordinated with the national offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

The Andean Regional Office works based on a two-fold strategy:

  • Strengthening democracy through political education and fostering participation, especially by traditionally marginalized social groups, including indigenous populations, low-income youth, Afro-descendants, and women, all of whom are fighting to be fully recognized as citizens.
  • Searching for alternatives to development through research and networking. The Foundation supports collective construction processes and exchange of knowledge with academia, social movements, and political groups, aiming to build alternatives to the hegemonic development model in the region.

The Regional Office supports political education and training activities on issues such as global climate change and its local effects, not merely as an environmental problem, but as a crisis facing our civilization, requiring us to work toward social and ecological transformations.

Planet destruction is not our destiny.  Learn more about the Permanent Working Group Beyond Development, coordinated by the RLF Andean Regional Office. 

The Team

Ecuador Office Team

Director – Andean Regional Office

Project Coordinator for Bolivia

Project Coordinator for Ecuador

Project Coordinator for Venezuela

Project Coordinator for Colombia

Communications Cordinator

Administration and Finance Director

Finance Manager for Bolivia

Special Funds / Climate Justice Coordinator

Finance Manager for Colombia and Climate Justice Coordinator

Finance Manager for Venezuela and Travel Coordinator

General Assistant

Finance Manager for Ecuador